Upcoming Binance Listings Set to Leave a Mark in 2022

In this article, we will be discussing Binance and different upcoming Binance listings which will leave a mark in 2022. Before talking about different listings in Binance, we want to help our readers with the knowledge of what is Binance. In simple terms, Binance is basically a cryptocurrency exchange, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world if we talk in terms of daily trading volume.

This cryptocurrency exchange was founded in the year 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and is registered in the Cayman Islands in Seychelles. Earlier its headquarters were based in China but with the increase in government regulation on cryptocurrency, it was moved to Seychelles. This particular trading exchange was in news in the year 2021 when it was put under investigation by the United States department of justice and also buy internal revenue services for money laundering and tax offenses.

After all these ups and downs also, it remained the top crypto exchange in the world and the new listing on this particular platform has huge expectations and receives huge exposure to the highest number of traders due to which all the new listings are very much in demand which is expected to give exceptional returns in a short span of period. Now, we will be discussing some new listings which are set to leave a mark in the year 2022.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)– Lucky Block is considered to be the best Binance listing for the year 2022 which will give an unexpected return and has already become very famous among different investors and became the fastest currency to reach a one billion dollar market cap earlier in this year. The lucky block is basically an NFT platform that offers investors daily competition. Apart from competitions, it is an important part that is used for a reward distribution system.

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After the imposition of tax on sale transactions, this particular token is basically used for utility rather than for different speculative purposes. This is a primary NFT competition platform where lucky block NFT owners who hold the token can win great prizes and will be rewarded after participating in competitions. NFT holders also receive daily awards which are equivalent to 1% of the total profit pool.

This is a great coin to invest in where investors can make huge profits and it showed a great result within a few weeks after it was launched and given a 12000% return in a few day’s time which makes it a great coin to invest in if someone wants to make a huge profit.

Reserve (RSR)– This is another new listing on Binance that is expected to create a mark in the year 2022. This is basically a process of creating a stable and decentralized form of currency that can never be shut down. This currency will allow its users to complete frictionless cross-border transactions with a minimum fee which will eliminate all the problems that the users and the people are facing today.

This will be a universal currency that people can use to pay for all the goods and services that they receive in their local currency. The creators have already launched it in Venezuela which is packed to the US dollar and now they are planning to launch it in Latin America where the level of inflation is very high.

Upcoming Binance Listings Set to Leave a Mark in 2022

BlaBlaGame(BLA)– Bla Bla game is another potential listing that is going to take place on the Binance listing in the coming times which will be taking place in the crypto gaming niche. We are all aware of the Rock, paper, scissors game, and this project is intended to bring this particular game to the blockchain and has also facilitated around 35000 different popular games.

It already has more than 1 lakh user base which are providing a solid level of community backing up. The users in this particular game can place their bet on the outcomes and will get rewarded every time they win the game in the native token. All the games that are available on this particular platform are protected using the SHA 256 algorithm which detects all kinds of fraud and secures the users with their information and other data.

Serenity (SET)– Another next-generation renewable energy retailer blockchain project which is aimed to reduce energy bills in the coming future. This particular listing is expected to create a new benchmark in the history of cryptocurrency which is looking toward lower carbon emissions with its eco-friendly ecosystem.

The creators are partnering with National electricity operators with the aim to facilitate all the transition to the blockchain and renewable energy sources which will create a great impact in the coming future where people will strive hard to find sources of energy that are getting exhausted on a daily basis. The users will have a chance to avail of different serenity services which are provided to them to create renewable energy surplus and protect our environment and make it a better place to live in.

Bet2ken(BTK)– This is basically an online sportsbook that is integrated with cryptocurrencies of various types. The main highlighting feature of this particular platform is that it has aggregated all the odds data from different providers ensuring that the users will get the best odds which increases their chances of winning any particular game.


This particular platform is structured as DAO where users will be able to vote on different aspects of how it operates. So in this article, we have seen a list of a few Binance listings which are set to leave a mark in the year 2022 and will bring a revolution in terms of earnings profit, and growth. Investors and users are having a great time ahead after all these listings but the user needs to be very careful and do all the research, study, and analyze each and every aspect of all these if they want to make a profit.

All these activities include a lot of financial capital which can even lead to loss if not analyzed properly. We want our readers to be very careful before investing their money into any platform like this. They need to realize and analyze all the possible outcomes which may be associated with investing their money so that it will give them the good return that they have expected.

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