Top 30 Low Cost and High-Profit Retail Business Ideas In India

In this article, we will see the top 30 low-cost and high-profit retail business ideas in India. In India, we have seen that there are a lot of business opportunities available across the country. It is up to us how we utilize these opportunities to earn profits. Talking about Business models and different distribution channels available in India, we all know that starting from the manufacturer any product goes to a wholesaler from where it goes to the retailer and finally reaches the end customer for their use.

Characteristics of Indian Retail Business

Before setting any business, we need to analyze and understand a few situations which may be market characteristics, product, competitor analysis, and company characteristics. In this article, we will understand and analyze each and every aspect of retail business and will try to understand what are the top 30 low-cost retail businesses where there is a chance of making a high profit in India. Talking about retail business, basically retail business is a business where the seller or the businessman sells his product to his customer or consumer. The consumer or the customer uses that particular product or service for his own personal use.

The retailer gets the product from the wholesaler and he sells all the goods and services to his customers at the price higher than that of the wholesaler. Talking about retail business detail, a business can be of any type selling groceries, or household items, any convenience store, can be considered a retail business. Not only products or goods related, but service related businesses can also be considered in the retail business. We can understand this by taking examples of beauty salons. This is an example of a few retail businesses that we can open near us.

Business With Respect to Investment

Now in retail businesses, there can be different types that are available and are going on in India

  • High investment retail business.
  • Medium investment retail business.
  • Low investment retail business.

Business With Respect to Profitability 

And talking in terms of profit in retail business it can again be categorised into three different types 

  • High-profit retail business.
  • Medium profit retail business.
  • Low-profit retail business.
  1. Tea stalls – People in our country may consider selling tea as a downgraded business but looking at the current market scenarios, we will find that the business and market for tea are increasing day by day. Preference for drinking tea has increased a lot in the last few years. The young generation of our country is preparing tea over any other quick drinks available in the country. Tea is a drink that can be available in any corner of our country and since tea is available for 5 or 10 rupees, it is very convenient and pocket friendly for people to buy and drink a cup of tea. Nowadays this business has a lot of opportunity and scope to grow in the coming future. Not only normal conventional tea that people have been drinking for ages but green tea and other herbal teas are also capturing a good market share nowadays. People are becoming more and more conscious about their health so selling green or herbal tea can be a very good business idea nowadays and also in the coming future.We all have seen a recent example of MBA Chaiwala where we have seen a person who completed his MBA and then saw the opportunity to start a business in front of schools, colleges, and hostels to sell tea where there are a number of customers.Not only this now we will discuss 30 ideas which are low cost that can give high profit in the retail business.tea-stall-business
  2. Fruit juice stall – The craze for drinking fruit juice among Indians has increased considerably. People are moving towards a healthier lifestyle so fruit juice is one important part of becoming healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Opening a fruit juice stall and then making it into a market chain can be a very good business idea nowadays because people love drinking fresh fruit juice. People are ready to spend 50-100 on fruit juice on a daily basis and that too once or twice a day. So opening a fruit juice stall that will get all types of customers with different varieties of juices has a lot of scope and opportunity.
  3. Snacks counter – Wherever we go be it schools, colleges, shopping malls, officers movie theatres, etc one thing that every place has in common is a snack counter. This is such a thing that people want to have whenever they go. Accounts serving different kinds of snacks attract a lot of customers and people are fond of eating snacks at any time of the day.
  4. Dairy products – Every Indian family uses milk and dairy products in some or other form so this business can never go out of track or can face downtime. Even in corona times one thing that was out of restriction all the movement of dairy products. This business has a lot of opportunities and requires very minimum investment if we want to start a dairy business. Finding customers for milk and dairy products is the easiest things that one can do.  Dairy-products-business
  5. Salon business – People like to look good and attractive. The trend of going to salons has increased many folds in recent years. We can find beauty salons in every area of a town this is a business that never goes out of style and requires very little investment. One needs a small shop or place and a few skilled men who can take care of the customers that’s all we are ready to go and start a salon business that will attract customers during all seasons of the year.
  6. Flower shop – With changing times the trend of decorating the house is catching pace and we have seen people decorating their houses with fresh flowers on a daily basis. A shop having different kinds of fresh flowers is a very good business idea on a small scale which Indian families love. Indian families require flowers for going to temples, for decoration, for their own house, and for many other activities. Giving a bouquet is a fashion nowadays on any occasion beat birthday anniversary or any celebration. The cost of setting up this business is not very high the only thing that we need to keep in mind is the supplier who will supply all different varieties of flowers to us regularly.
  7. Laundry business – life nowadays has become very busy and people don’t have much time to wash their clothes and take care of them. In every society every building and every corner, we will find a laundry shop where people give their clothes to get them washed and ironed. People want professionals who can handle their clothes in the best possible manner and this business requires very minimum skills and investment so this is one very good option if someone wants to start a small but profitable retail business.
  8. Mobile accessories Store– There are more than 50% of people in our country who are having mobile phones which becomes a heel market and business opportunity for people who want to start a new retail business that is profitable. People nowadays want different accessories for their mobile phones which includes back covers flip cases earphones guard screen protector screen and many more. Mobile accessories Stores having all these items can be a good option to start with. We can get customers anywhere and any place we don’t need to find them anywhere.
  9. Tiffin service– Someone who is good at cooking and can manage the delivery boys, tiffin service is one of the best small little business that any person can start and earn profit. People nowadays are busy with their life and the dependency on tiffin services is increasing day by day this business as a lot of customers nowadays and also in the coming future.    lunch-box-business
  10. Customised tailor shop– Good quality sewing machines, threads, and a few professional tailors are all that we need to start a customized tailor shop. Nowadays the trend of customized designer clothes is increasing day by day and people want that clothes to be the best ones so this business is growing at a very fast speed.
  11. Cloth printing – The trend of bearing customized printed T-shirts and clothes is very much in fashion nowadays for the business of printing logos names and other designs on t-shirts and other clothes can be a very good business idea to earn a good amount of profit and a small amount of money.
  12. Printing and Xerox Stall – One common thing that every area has is a printing and xerox shop. People don’t keep printing machines generally at home and the requirement for printing a document or getting a xerox is a very common need that every household has. This business does not require very large motors, space adjustment needs a reasonable amount of space, a good printer, and a Xerox machine along with a computer. Business can be started at a very low cost and can give high returns. Nowadays people nowadays want to get many things printed for their personal or professional use.
  13. Book store – A bookstall selling pre-owned or we can say second-hand books, new books is a great retail business idea which can give high returns. People want to read different kinds of books but it is very difficult to buy them because sometimes books of their choice are not available or are available at a very high price. These free old books are very cheap in cost and also easily available which will attract a lot of customers and can become a very good business opportunity.
  14. Sweets and chocolates – Whenever there is any festival or any occasion, people have sweets and chocolates. This is one particular segment that never goes out of fashion. In India, we celebrate a lot of festivals and occasions, and people require sweets and chocolates to celebrate them. Starting a small homemade sweets and chocolate business will not require a lot of capital and management and finding customers for sweets and chocolates is not very difficult in India.
  15. Newspaper and magazine corner – Newspapers and magazines are by everyone. People belonging to each and every class, society, and area read newspapers and magazines. Having a newspaper and magazine corner in every area will make it easy for people to buy and read newspapers in magazines. This requires very minimal investment and very minimum management. People can also provide home delivery or office delivery of newspapers and magazines which will include delivery charges as well. So this is a great idea to start a retail business.
  16. Customised gift shops -Gifts never go out of demand. Whenever there is any occasion like any festival or any birthday, anniversary, people give gifts to each other. Nowadays people love to give customized gifts according to their own choice, so starting a customized gift shop is one of the best retail business ideas nowadays that one can start.
  17. Supermarket – Starting a supermarket is one of the most profitable businesses one can start in today’s time. There is no requirement of any extraordinary skills in talents to start a grocery supermarket Store that will provide all household items along with stationery and other small items. This will require less budget and will give a good amount of profit.
  18. Cosmetic Store – Cosmetic products are always demanded by females. Having a cosmetic store that contains different products of leading brands will attract a lot of customers. Not only branded but non-branded products in cosmetics are also very much in demand nowadays and have a huge profit margin. People always require cosmetic products from time to time so starting a cosmetic shop is a very good retail idea.
  19. Perfume shop – Perfumes are always in demand. Whether be it male or female, perfume is one thing that is used by all. So the idea of starting a perfume shop which will provide imported as well as local perfumes at the best price. This does not require much advertisement to earn profit.
  20. Sports center – As more and more people are moving towards fitness, they require more sports items. Opening a sports center that will provide all sports items and accessories at a reasonable price is a very good idea if someone wants to start a retail business on a smaller scale with a limited amount of funds. Youngsters nowadays are attracted to the latest games and sports keeping all the latest sports items will cater to all the customers.
  21. Discount retail shop – People love discounts on everything they buy. Opening a discount retail shop will attract a lot of customers and will give a huge competition to all the stores present in any area. Having a discount retail shop that caterers all kinds of whom use products and appliances will require a low budget and low maintenance and can give a good amount of profit.
  22. Cakeshop– A cake shop that provides different flavors of cake, and customized cakes is a very good idea to start a retail business. This business is easy to start requires low funds low maintenance and gives a good return and has minimum risk.
  23. Cafe – The trend of going to cafes and coffee shops is increasing day by day in our country. The youth of our country is very much attracted to this particular segment. So this business has no risk at all and requires a minimum or less amount of money to start with. The only important thing that is required in this particular business is good management and then we will never have to look back in our life.
  24. Fitness center People are getting so attracted to fitness and good physic that they are searching for fitness centers around them. Opening a fitness center with a fitness coach and different types of equipment will attract a lot of customers and money. Just by maintaining them at a good level will serve the purpose of our earning profit and business for a lifetime.
  25. Mobile Food truck – Mobile food trucks having different kinds of snacks and starters will be a very good idea to start a new retail business with a limited amount of money. When people will get food and snacks in their particular area of the room choice they will not go anywhere else. This is a very good segment to start a business within our own area town and city.
  26. Medical shop – Starting a medical shop or a chemist shop is a very good business idea. People suffer from different kinds of diseases and problems due to which they approach the nearest chemist shop first of all before going to any doctor. This idea has a lot of opportunities and will give a lot of good returns at a low investment cost and low management cost.
  27. Pet store or clinic – Nowadays a lot of people have pets in their homes. Taking care of their pets is a huge task. So having a pet shop or clinic in their area solves their problem. Pet Shop which will provide all the facilities related to pets including their cleaning, grooming, medication, etc will have a very good future in the coming time.
  28. Tattoo parlor – This is an opportunity that a new businessman can grab and start their business by investing a small amount of money and earning a good amount of profit. Youngsters nowadays love to have tattoos on their bodies and having a tattoo parlor in their area will be the most amazing thing that they can ever think of.
  29. Home furnishing Store – This is a business that is going up day by day. People love to have decorative and innovative kinds of homes nowadays. A store which can provide and cater to all their need will be a very good idea to start a new business with. This kind of store requires a decent amount of money and will give a good amount of profit and return.
  30. Organic Store – People are moving towards organic items nowadays at a very fast speed. People love to have organic food items, decorative items, and everything that they can have. Opening a store with less amount of money and having everything organic will attract a lot of customers and business and will give a good amount of profit and return.


So, here in this article, we have seen 30 different ideas which are low-cost and high-profit retail business ideas in India. It totally depends on us what kind of business we are interested in, what is our budget, what is our purpose in life, our future goals, and what is our capacity to which we can work and run our business. We need to understand all the pros and cons of each and every business. we need to do deep market research and analysis before entering into any business and spending money on it.

We need to understand the market and customer first before starting any business. We need to understand what is the need and demands of our customers, how much we can get them, and if everything goes on hand in hand, then only we should start or enter into a new business. There are no restrictions on any new ideas and new ideas will keep coming but it is up to us how much we can grab them and use them for our own benefit. There are lots of opportunities available, it is just up to us how we grasp these opportunities and make the best out of them.

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