Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021-2022

In this article, we will be discussing Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021-2022. Who is an Entrepreneur, what he does, what are his basic working areas, and who are the top 15 young Indian Entrepreneurs who have grabbed the attention of everyone through their work and ideas in the year 2021 to 2022.

First, we will discuss who is an Entrepreneur. In simple words, we can say that an Entrepreneur is a person or an individual who starts, invests, or creates any business. The business can be more than one. An Entrepreneur takes the risk of starting a new concept, a new idea, for a new platform that no one else has thought about, and in this process, he or she takes a lot of risks and also enjoys the profit or the reward which he gains after success. In more simple terms, we can say that Entrepreneurship can be defined as a process of starting, designing, or launching a new kind of business which may be a small one but which has the capacity and the willingness to manage, develop, and organize any venture of business along with all the risks associated with it finally serving the purpose and to earn profit.

Who is an Entrepreneur

Persons who start these kinds of businesses are generally called Entrepreneurs. The basic definition of Entrepreneurship mainly focuses on starting and running a new business. We all have heard about the word and the terms startup. This is generally because of a new thing that a person starts taking all the risks and the problems that they face. Entrepreneurship is often confused with doing a business only. But it is not.

It can be also a generation of new ideas, and innovation, and it can also be a form of leadership in its own space. An Entrepreneur can be an initiator, an innovator, and can be a person who takes all the responsibilities for any new idea, any new project, any new initiative, any business, or any venture. The success and failure of any new business totally depend on that person who we call an Entrepreneur.

Idea of Entrepreneurship

All this concept of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship starts with an idea. An idea is to bring change in the lives of people by solving their problems, finding solutions to the problems, and giving a new way of life to all the people in this world. We have seen that human being faces a lot of problems in their life on a daily basis. There are people who keep fighting with these problems and move on in their life. But then there are few people who take the courage and initiative to bring a change in the world and find the solution to the problems that people are facing. An Entrepreneur is a person who is different from the group due to his qualities, his characteristics, his thinking, his mindset, and his values. Now we will discuss a few important characteristics of an Entrepreneur.

Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021-2022

The spirit that an Entrepreneur has is often confused by many people. Normally people think that such persons have a different mindset which is not right but we have seen world-famous Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and many more.

These people have basically some qualities which make them special and different from the crowd. These qualities are –


  1. Self-motivation – If we will look at all the successful Entrepreneurs of the world, we will find one important characteristic and quality that each and every Entrepreneur processes is the quality of self-motivation. These people don’t need someone else to motivate them to work or achieve their targets. They have faith in themselves and in their ideas which helps them to work hard and move ahead in life.
  2. Decision-making power – Each and every Entrepreneur possesses the quality of taking strong decisions. Until and unless a person takes strong decisions and steps, he cannot move ahead in life and cannot succeed so this is one of the most important qualities that each and every entrepreneur possesses.
  3. Risk takers – All the Entrepreneurs in this world has the quality of taking risks. Until and unless we come out of our comfort zone, we cannot achieve success. Risk should be taken but it should be a calculated one.
  4. Creative mindset – Until a person has a creative mindset or thinks out of the box, new ideas will not come. A mind has to be creative enough to see opportunities that common people are not seeing.
  5. Optimistic – All Entrepreneurs are very optimistic about whatever they do. He always thinks of the brighter side of the world and has a belief in his ideas, and working that he will definitely succeed and will earn a profit, solving problems of the common people.
  6. Future-oriented – Everyone thinks about the future and then only he takes any decision. Entrepreneurs are always oriented toward the future and their decisions are long-term based. The focus is on future profit and targets rather than seeing a smaller picture.
  7. Flexible – Entrepreneurs needs to be flexible so that they can try different ideas and can change whenever required as per the needs and situation.

Difference between an Entrepreneur and a businessman

We have seen who is an Entrepreneur. Now talking about a businessman. A businessman is basically a person who runs a business using an idea that is someone else’s and is already existing. Businessmen generally take normal risks and do not involve in high risks. An Entrepreneur is a market leader whereas a businessman is just a market player. All the Entrepreneurs are high-risk takers whereas businessmen are lower or middle-risk takers. The purpose of a businessman is only to earn profits and nothing else whereas the main purpose of any Entrepreneur is to solve a problem, to change the world from what it is now. They are here to disrupt a particular industry and bring a change and difference in the world.

Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021-2022

There are different types of Entrepreneurs talking about each one of them one by one.

  1. Small business Entrepreneurs – These people are generally involved in any kind of Business and then from there they innovate and take risks that are more than normal. These people generally do not bring a major change in the industry but make their name and their business.
  2. Scalable startups Entrepreneurs – Basically these kinds of Entrepreneurs have disruptive ideas which disrupt the whole industry. Their ideas are generally scalable and uncertain in nature. These kinds of Entrepreneurs generally change the existing tradition in the industries and are very innovative and take a lot of financial risks.
  3. Large company Entrepreneurs – These kinds of Entrepreneurs are also called intrapreneurs. These people are basically employees who are given the responsibility to use their skills, ideas, and methodology to develop a new product where the company has all the risks. These kinds of Entrepreneurs get paid for the work they do and the most important part is that they do not have risks on their shoulders.
  4. Social Entrepreneurs – These kinds of Entrepreneurs solve a social problem using their ideas, innovation, and skills. Their main focus is not on money but to solve problems and bringing social stability to society.


Now in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 young Indian entrepreneurs who changed the world with their ideas, vision, and way of thinking, not only for themselves but for the whole society.

List of Top 10 Entrepreneur


  1. Ritesh Agrawal – Ritesh Agrawal is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of the most popular Oyo rooms. Ritesh Agrawal started his journey when he was just 18 years old when he started a network of overnight boarding house accommodations with a limited budget. Ritesh Agrawal left School to work on his ideas. Ritesh Agrawal started his concept of Oyo with 11 rooms in a hotel and right now it has expanded up to 65000 rooms in 170 different Indian core regions and it has more than 5500 enterprises in the whole country.oyo-ritesh-agarwal
  2. Byju Ravindran Byju Ravindran never thought of making an app that would be world-famous. Byju’s classes were launched in the year 2011 jointly by Byju Ravindran and Divya GokulNath. Byju Ravindran was very good at maths and used to help his friends neighbors and family members in solving difficult questions of maths using his algebra and geometry knowledge. Very soon Byju Ravindran started taking classes that went on to become Byju’s classes. Right now Byju’s classes have become a multi-million dollar company and Ravindran became one of the youngest in India who took it to another level. Right now Byju’s learning app is used by students from different parts of the world in different countries for learning different subjects including engineering and medicine. They have even made a collaboration with volt Disney company.
  3. Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath – Many people don’t know who is Nitin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath. These Kamath brothers are the founders and the brains behind Zerodha. Zerodha is India’s largest stock trading platform where people get the highest discounts. Zerodha was launched by Nitin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath in the year 2010 in Bangalore and right now they have more than 5 million active users. The Kamath brothers saw the opportunity that the number of people who are trading in the stock market is increasing day by day but face very basic problems like high commission rate, difficulty to trade, difficulty connecting to the brokers, difficulty getting their details, and many more. So they thought of making such a platform where each and every person can do trading without any problem and can learn to trade, can get the benefit, and commission so they made Zerodha. They made the Zerodha kite for the stock market and commodities trading and the Zerodha coin for dealing in mutual funds.
  4. Tilak Mehta – Tilak Mehta is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India and is also the founder of papers and parcels in Mumbai. Papers and parcels are basically an app-based courier service that is very unique. People on a daily basis forget lots of documents at home and in various places. Tilak Mehta found this opportunity to start something which no one ever thought of and he tied up with Mumbai dabbawalas who are world famous for delivering lunch boxes to people from their homes. Tilak Mehta tied up with around 500 dabbawalas who along with lunch now deliver us papers and parcels on behalf of papers and parcels.
  5. ShreeLakshmi Suresh – ShreeLakshmi Suresh is one of India’s youngest female entrepreneurs who started working at a mere age of 3. Lakshmi made her first website when she was 6 years old and while studying in college she even made a website for her University. Shri Lakshmi started her own company named Edesign when she was just 11 years old. She was the youngest CEO globally and she became the youngest Web designer globally. Shri Lakshmi’s company tiny logo is an online designing company that designs logos and does search engine optimization for many famous companies and many more. Right now her company offers different digital marketing services to their customers.
  6. Trisnheet Arora – Trishneet Arora is the founder and CEO of TAC security. His company TAC security is a cyber security firm that provides cyber security to various famous companies like HDFC, Airtel, Reliance group, and many more. Not only in India TAC security has its customers located in different parts of the world. Arora and his company tac security have been awarded many awards in India as well as in various foreign countries of the world in terms of cyber security services. Arora started his company after completing a course in ethical hacking. He became so expert in this field that the Punjab police took his help in cracking different cybercrime cases which they were unable to crack. Trishneet Arora has also written a book ‘The hacking error’ about all his activities. In his initial days, Arora started his business and used to do small work like fixing clients’ computers, checking on software, cleaning software, installing software, and many more but afterward his business grew and he started getting more and more clients for complicated tasks which he completed successfully.
  7. Akhilendra Sahu – Akhilendra Sahu is also known as the world’s youngest serial entrepreneur. He started his business at the age of 17 named ASTNT private limited. During his initial days of working, Akhilendra Sahu did not have enough money and use to face a lot of problems so he started working as a freelancer to meet up all his monitory and financial problems. Right now his company ASTNT private limited is a parent company of many IT companies. Now his company provides IT solutions to many companies in India and also in different countries of the world. His startup has been named as one of the most successful startups in the IT sector in the whole world.
  8. Divya Gandotra Tandon – Divya Gandotra Tandon is the founder and director of her company whose name is scoop beats private limited. Divya started her company with the intention to help other peoples gain knowledge about whatever things they buy. She started her YouTube channel where she used to do unboxing of different products for people to know about each and every quality of that particular item before buying that particle product. Divya become very popular and her videos became a super hit in a very less time after that she became a major influencer on Instagram and Facebook and right now she works with many famous foreign brands like Coolpad and infinix. She has also worked with many companies like the lazy garden, ascent technologies, IBM, and many more. Right now she has more than 90000 social media fans of different ages and talking about Instagram she has more than 20000 followers. Not only this, her work includes managing celebrities, managing social media internet influencers, and many more as a part of her job.Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021-2022
  9. Farhad Acidwalla – Farhad started his entrepreneurial journey when he was just 13 years old boy when his investment was around 1000 rupees. Farhad started his company cyber native digital which provides different web development services, enhancement services, and different advertising and marketing services to its clients. Farhad was so much success in his work and his company that he was called for a meeting on a talk show on one of the most famous channels on television that is CNN. He has been awarded many awards for his excellent work in the IT sector.
  10. Sumit Shah– Sumit Shah became an entrepreneur at a small age of 19 years when he began his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2014 when he started an app-based online grocery store named the popular Dukan. Sumit Shah is the founder in CEO of this app. The idea behind starting this app was to deliver groceries within a few minutes after ordering so that customers do not have to wait for long as different online apps use to do at that time. Sumit tied up with local grocery vendors in each and every area to make delivery easy and fast. His app popular Dukan allowed different small grocery owners to have their online presence on the app. The businessman who had a very small or no budget can also come online and get orders from different customers in the neighborhood, in their area.


So we have seen who is an entrepreneur, what are the qualities of an entrepreneur, and who are the top 10 young Indian entrepreneurs in our country. We have seen their work, their ideas, and their motive behind starting their business. All of them had a different mindset for solving a problem that people were facing. They went out of the box to think about the ideas and the solutions that could change the history of mankind and the way people were living till then. It is just about the mindset, the thinking, and the idea of a person that changes everything and brings a revolution into society.

Nowadays technology is advancing at a very fast rate and people have a lot of opportunities to start their own business if they have any unique Idea, thought, or extraordinary skill which they can use to solve people’s problems or to provide solutions to any existing problem. These entrepreneurs are earning a good amount of money which no job can offer. Becoming an entrepreneur means becoming our own boss and there is no one to control us and we have all the freedom to use our minds, and ideas to do whatever we want and there’s no one who will stop us from getting success in life.

In today’s world, we have seen that youngsters are fed up with the corporate jobs, they are fed up with the 9 to 5 rat race, so people are finding new ways to live their life, to lead the life in the way they want. So becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to become our own boss and live the life we want.

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