Top 10 Investors in the Indian Stock Market [2022]

In this article, we will be discussing what is the Stock Market, how a Stock Market works, how people invest Stock Market, and who are the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market. 

We will be covering all these topics in such a way that after reading this article, readers will have a fair knowledge about Stock Market, investing in the Stock Market, and the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market. 

First of all, we need to understand what a Stock Market is?  

A Stock market is basically a place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange the Stocks of different companies which are already represented by the owners for trading. In a Stock Market, the shares of all the public companies and private companies are bought and sold and the place for this buying and selling is known as the Stock exchange. Basically understanding in simple words, these financial activities and processes are completed and conducted through a formal process through these Stock exchange and also over the counter market places which run and operates under a defined set of guidelines and rules which are set by SEBI that is the Securities And Exchange Board of India.

People who buy or sell Stocks are known as traders and these traders can sell or buy one or more Stock of any particular company of their choice on this Stock exchange.

Every country has its own Stock exchanges. In India, there is a National Stock Exchange which is also termed NSE and then we have the most famous Bombay Stock Exchange that is BSE.

Mentality of People

People nowadays want to earn lots and lots of money but a vast proportion of people in our country have limited source of income through jobs, business, or other ways through which they earn money. Investing in Stock Market is one of the ways through which people can earn extra income apart from what they are already earning. They need to understand and analyze all the risks that are involved while investing in a Stock Market.

There are lots of factors that govern and which guide the rates of different Stocks in any particular Stock Market.  These factors may be government policies, inflation, crude oil prices, the effect of external threats, changes in government policies of other countries, and many more. We need to be aware of all these things if we want to earn money through investing in Stock Market.

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The trend of investing money in the Stock Market is increasing day by day in our country. Earlier, there while less than 5% of people used to invest in the Stock Market in India, but now, as the technology is changing, as people are getting more and more educated, things are getting more and more clear and people are coming forward and want and are ready to invest their money in Stock Market and earn through it.

Talking about Indian investors, there are lots of investors right now who are trading in Indian Stock Markets but there are a few among them who are making enormous wealth by investing in Stock Market.

Now, we will be discussing all those top investors who are investing in the Indian Stock Market and we will try to understand their techniques, their ways, and how they are earning.

Top Investors who are investing in the Indian Stock 

1. Radha Kishan Damani – He is one of the top investors of our country who is investing in the Indian equity market and his portfolio is around 75,000 crores and he holds around 11 Stocks. Through his ideas, experience, and knowledge he has been able to build D-Mart into an efficient, profitable, and one of the largest retail chains in our country. He has understood the concept through which the Indian Stock Market works and through his knowledge he has made it a business that is beyond just an investment.

2. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Talking about Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, his portfolio is around 13,000 crore and he holds around 33 Stocks of the leading companies in our country. Talking about one company that give him enormous profits and made him one of the biggest traders in our country is Titan. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also referred to as India’s Warren buffet or the Big Bull due to all his knowledge, expertise, and experience that he has after all his investment, studies, and the time that he has spent in the market. He started his investment with just 5000 rupees and now he has made those 5000 into 15000 crores. Right now he is working at Aptech limited as an Executive Director.


3. Manish Pabrai – He is the founder and managing partner of the investments fund and also the founder and CEO of  Dhandho funds. The total value of his portfolio is around Rs 1365 crores and he holds around 5 top stocks on the Indian stock market. He has written numerous articles on investment, giving knowledge to young and new traders on how to invest, when to invest, what to see in the market, and what not to do. He is the author of  The Dhandho Investor and Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing​.

4. Ramesh Damani – He is also one of the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market. He started his investment when Sensex was at 600 points early in the 1990s. Talking about his background, he graduated from The HR College in Mumbai where he has done a bachelor’s degree, and then went to California State University in North Bridge to complete a Master’s in Business administration. He founded the company Ramesh Damani Finance Private Limited. He also became a member of the Bombay Stock exchange in the year 1989 and started his career as a Stockbroker and with his all experience, knowledge, and expertise he has reached up to the level.

5. Ramdev Agrawal – Ramdev Agrawal is one of the most famous Indian securities and exchanges finance export and one of the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market. He believes strongly in the Motilal Oswal group. He invested his money into Hero Honda shares in the year 1995 when the overall market turnover of Hero Honda was just 1000 crores at that time. He invested his money for 20 years and bought the shares at just rupees 30 per share. Right now, the market price per share is more than 2700 rupees and the hero has been able to take its market turnover up to 73000 crores.

6. Vijay Kedia – Vijay Kedia is one of the top 10 Indian Stock Market investors and also an Indian financial expert who gives advice and knowledge on investments and trading. He belongs to a family of Stockbrokers and has a long history with investment and investing in Stock Markets. He started trading which means buying and selling shares and equity when he was just 19 years old. During his early years of investment, he earned a lot of money but then we had to suffer tremendous losses. After suffering a huge loss, he started a deep studying of investment, the Stock Market, and the trend and thought that his knowledge and experience can be of someone’s help, so he started helping others with investments.

7. Nemish Shah – He is also one of the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market and is a key backer of ENAM. His investment techniques and ideas are very much similar to those of Warren Buffet. He has invested in Asahi, India which is a car glass manufacturer and his wealth has tripled in the last 3 years.

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He did a deep market study, research, and analysis, read all the newspapers, and general annual reports of the organizations very deeply and thoroughly, and then invested his money. In an interview, he told that if the return on capital is less than 9%, then investing in that particular company is not fruitful or not justified. He told us that, we need to analyze the value that any company will give or offer in a particular amount of time depending on the capital that we are investing in that particular company.

8. Porinju Veliyath – He was born in Kerala on the 6th of June in the year 1962 and started working when he was 17. He was very interested in trading since his childhood and started investing small amounts which used to save from his salary. He used to study newspapers, articles, balance sheets, and portfolios of different companies and then invest accordingly. His strong financials and knowledge made him one of the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market right now.

9. Ashish Dhawan– Ashish Dhawan’s portfolio is around 1500 crores and he holds 14 Stocks. He is also the founder and the Chairman of Central Square Foundations and Ashoka University and has an experience of more than 20 years of in the investment management business. He is an MBA from Howard University and has all the required knowledge, expertise, and experience which makes him one of the top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market. He has helped a lot of other people through his knowledge and experience to earn money in the Stock Market and fulfill their dreams.

10. Ashish Kacholia – He is one of the best financial experts, investment Guru, and leading Stock Market investors in our country who has lots of multi-bagger Stocks in his portfolio. Some of the multi-bagger Stocks that he has in his portfolios are Nocil limited, KEI industries, APL Apollo tubes, and many more. These stocks have given him more than 200% returns overall in his investment and has made him one of the richest and top 10 investors in the Indian Stock Market.

Limited Options Available

Earlier people had limited options in terms of trading or investment in Stock Markets but right now there are lots of options available. Earlier there were shares issued on paper and it used to take a lot of time, but right now in this technologically advanced world, all processes take place very fast and a person is allotted the shares within a fraction of seconds. 

There are lots and lots of companies available right now in our country that offers share trading facilities at a minimum cost. Now, people are becoming smarter and smarter and they are learning all these techniques and processes online. There are lots of financial experts and advisors who give free lessons on how to trade and how to invest in Stock Markets. We just have to choose the best for us from where we can learn and then we can have a good trading experience.

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So at last, we would like to say that the Indian Stock Market has lots of capabilities and opportunities for each and every person in our country. People in our country are becoming more and more educated and their income level is growing up day by day. It is just that they need to invest some time in order to understand the Stock Market, understand how the Stock Market works so that they can also invest and earn profits out of it to fulfill their dreams. 


One of the top investors of our country has rightly said that the Indian Stock Market is such a well that can quench the financial thirst of each and every person in our country. There are lots of factors that govern the Stock Markets, so a person needs to analyze all the factors, all the risks, which affect the prices of shares in any Stock Market before investing. Before investing their hard-earned money, a person needs to analyze that there is a huge amount of risk that is involved in the Stock Market and it can go anyways upside or down.

They are lots of companies that offer Stock trading facilities and options but it is up to us that we need to analyze what is right for us, and what are our long term financial goals and we need to plan our investments accordingly so that we meet them without facing any kind of loss. Lots and lots of people have earned huge amounts of profit and there are thousands of people who have suffered enormous losses in this particular Stock Market, so before investing our money, we need to understand and have deep knowledge, research, and study so that we may not lose our money and be a part of the profit-making group.

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