How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad in 2022

In this article, we will discuss what is a scholarship, and then if a student wants to study abroad then what are the different ways through which a student can get a scholarship so he can study abroad. First of all, let us start with the simple definition of scholarship. We need to, first of all, understand what is a scholarship. The scholarship is basically a financial help given to the students so that they can continue their education. Students who want to complete higher education but do not have financial stability in their families or in their homes. So these particular students can complete their higher education by getting a scholarship.

Scholarships are basically given depending on different criteria which can be the merit of the student, his academic performance, the diversity, different skills, and financial background, and there can be many more criteria depending on which scholarship can be provided to the students. We need to understand that scholarships are basically a form of help or financial aid that was started with the motive so that students who lag behind due to some or the other problem, for personal issues, may not hamper their studies and can complete them easily. In certain scholarships, the recipient or the student is required to fulfil certain criteria and requirements during the period for which they are getting the scholarship.

These criteria can be maintaining a minimum average mark or it can be getting engaged in certain kinds of activity, for example, playing in the school or college sports team which can be a criterion for a sports scholarship, or in some cases it can continue working or teaching at some school or university. Scholarships can be of different forms. It can be monitory or weaving of the academic fees waving hostel or dormitory fees or it can be a combination of all the above.

There are different types of scholarships that are provided. These can be divided into different criteria and groups which are-

  1. Based on merit – These scholarships are basically based on a student’s performance in his academics, his artistic performance, athletics, or any other ability that a student possesses. These kinds of scholarships are basically provided by any private organisation or by any school, college, academic institution, or private organisation. These types of scholarships are basically given directly to the institution, schools, or colleges rather than providing them to the student.
  2. Based on the Need – There are a few students who really need financial help in order to complete their education or their degree, so this type of scholarship is basically provided to those students who are financially backward and are really in need of some financial help to move ahead in terms of their educational field. The main criteria for this kind of scholarship are family income. A student needs to provide his or her family’s income to show that he or she belongs to a certain group of people for whom this scholarship is basically intended.
  3. Student-specific scholarships – In this kind of scholarship, a student needs to qualify all the criteria which are important for getting the scholarship. The criteria can be gender, caste, race, religion, family, background, medical history, or any other factor. An example of this kind of scholarship can be scholarships given to minorities.
  4. Career-specific scholarships – These kinds of scholarships are basically given to the students for any particular career for which the scholarships are intended. There are different kinds of scholarships available in our country for students pursuing their careers in medicine, science, agriculture, astronomy, and many more. So the scholarships that are fixed for that particular career or path chosen in life will be only awarded to those students who go for it.
  5. Creative scholarships – There are many scholarships available in our country that are only awarded to students who are creative in certain fields or criteria. The main criteria for getting this kind of scholarship is to submit any kind of project, model, or assignment that is required to get selected for this kind of scholarship.

The scholarship is basically a financial help

So these are the scholarships that are available which can become a great financial help and relief for the students for whom bearing the cost of living, and education is very high. So these are the scholarships available for students who want to study in India and not only this, there are many scholarships available for students who want to study abroad. There are different ways through which a student can find the best scholarship which suits their need and requirement.

  1. Official website of different institutes – Different institutes have their official websites on the internet. Students can go directly to the official website of different institutes and can check out the list of scholarships that they provide. They can get information regarding the amount of money, the documents required, the criteria to get enrolled, and all other things that they need. There are different colleges, and institutes, that cover up to 100% of all the education expenses of a student. The student needs to find all the documents and forms they need to fill and upload all the documents and then can progress accordingly, according to the steps mentioned there.
  2. Scholarship Assistance Websites – There are different portals available for helping students. Basically, these online portals are scholarship assistance websites that are intended to provide all kinds of information to the students and assist them. Some of the examples of scholarship assistance websites are,, and CIEE
  • – Now talking about This particular website was founded in the year 1998 for helping students in finding funds for their studies and fees for their college. This particular website helps the student to complete their search for the fees and latest updates about colleges and other facilities.
  • Scholarship – Talking about scholarship This particular website helps the student to search for different kinds of scholarships in countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, India, Canada, Finland, Spain, Australia, and many more countries. A student can go on this particular website to find the list of different universities from different countries and then can make a comparison among all of them and after making the comparison he can finally select the best college and scholarship for himself. This particular website will have all the details regarding the name of the scholarship, the amount of this scholarship provided, the deadline for applying, the deadline for submitting all the documents, and all the required information.
  • CIEE – Talking about the websites CIEE. The full form of CIEE is the council on international educational exchange. This website has been operating since 1947. This is an organization that is a non-profit organization that helps students to study abroad and also in an intercultural exchange program of students. Talking about the amount of scholarships provided, the CIEE offers more than 8 million dollars when it comes to giving scholarships and different kinds of grants per year.

  1. Government websites – Each and every country has its own government official website to help all the students who are from different countries. Each and every country wants students from different countries to come and study there. This particular program helps that particular country in its development, increases its workforce and it also attracts FDI. For this purpose each and every government in all foreign countries provide scholarship to the students coming there to complete their studies. The different websites of the different governments of different countries are listed below-


  1. Official site of the USA government
  2. Government website of the UK
  3. Government website of Canada
  4. Government website of Germany.
  5. Official website of France
  6. Official website of Denmark
  7. Official website of Sweden
  8. Government website of the Netherlands
  9. Official page of EU scholarships


  1. Private companies providing scholarships – In each and every country, apart from the government, there are many private organisations and companies who provide scholarships to different students coming from different countries to complete their studies in their respective countries. There are different leading business groups, leaders, private groups, and many individuals who come forward to help students complete their education. There are many private companies, organisations, corporations, and groups that can fund the education of different students.

Here we are providing a group different groups where students can find scholarships for them

  1. Scholars foundation by Coca-Cola
  2. Scholarships by Amoco
  3. Chrysler corporation
  4. The trust of Tatas
  5. International rotary trust

Different places from where a student can find scholarships to study abroad and complete their education and dream of getting a degree from different universities situated in different countries and get a job and complete all their dreams and goals in life. Now we will discuss how to get these particular scholarships step by step.

  1. Intensive research – The first thing that any student needs to do is intensive research. There are lots of scholarships available everywhere but first of all, we need to understand our needs, our requirements, and for that, we need to do intensive research. A student needs to indulge in intensive research across different websites provided above in the article. They need to find different sources from where they can get scholarships and then they need to keep looking and updating themselves about different scholarships to get the maximum amount for their studies. They need to complete the research, both online as well as offline. Offline there are many sources available like consultants, relatives, etc.
  2. Keep applying – The student needs to apply to different websites and different portals on a regular basis for getting the scholarship. We have already discussed many portals and many websites above in this article where any student can apply. So the basic theory in getting a scholarship is to keep applying again and again for getting a particular scholarship. There can be many times when documents are rejected or many tasks are not fulfilled, so a student needs to complete all these things and processes again and again so that their chances of getting selected for any particular scholarship become higher.
  3. Documentation – The student should have all the documents required for applying to any scholarship ready with him. He should have checked all his documents beforehand and if any document is missing or anything else is required he should complete it beforehand.
  4. Mistakes made by Students Many a time, there can be situations where a student lacks certain kinds of documents and he needs time in arranging that particular document. So in this case the time passes and the correct time for applying for that particular scholarship gets over. This is one common mistake that many students do. The student should make a list of all the important documents that he requires and also a list of all the websites and universities where he wants to apply and keep checking them on a regular basis so that he does not miss any updates or any information passed over by them in order to get that particular scholarship.


So, at last, we can say that if a student wants to study abroad, there are lots and lots of options available nowadays. Technology is changing very fast and the world is moving ahead at a very fast speed. Everything is available nowadays on Internet it is just up to us what we want. We need to first understand our needs and demands related to the scholarship. We need to identify the particular country where we want to study then we need to decide on the university where we want to study and then can find all the things related to that particular country and University on the internet.

We just have to put in some extra hours and some extra effort to find the best for what we want and look at the advancement in each and every department. We can say that the dream of a student going abroad and studying there will definitely get fulfilled if the student follows the correct step. The student just needs to explore as much as they can and do not lose hope if sometimes they get rejection or failures and will definitely succeed if they keep trying and trying.

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