Money Management Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Money Management Mistakes

When it comes to money management, people have different opinions. Some people believe in saving, while investment is more important for others. Anyways, there can be numerous options in between these, as well. The choice can differ from person to person. However, it is crucial to see that you make the right decision.

At times, people feel financially tired after earning a hefty sum and start thinking about where they went off the track. However, that’s too late to realize the pitfalls in the money management system.

To ensure financial security, the need is to have a sound money management policy right from the beginning. Also, making timely modifications in the same is imperative for financial fitness. By not reviewing your financial plans periodically, you let things go out of control.So, start today. If you have a plan, review it, and if not, go about making one. But keep in mind that it is free from the money management mistakes mentioned below.

Saving the Surplus

It is one of the most common mistakes people make while dealing with personal finance. Generally, people do not have a saving goal. They save whatever is left after spending. Are you following the same practice? Stop and Think.
The biggest problem, in this case, is you don’t have a check on your spending. You are going limitless! But if you want to secure your future, you must go in reverse order. Have a goal to save a fixed proportion of your income every month and keep that amount aside. Then plan for the remaining amount. And how much to save? That depends on various factors, including your income, risk-taking capacity, and your plan to tackle the emergency. So, it demands a customized solution.

No Budget Fixation

Money is a vital resource that needs to be managed properly. Remember, by its reckless spending, you invite trouble for yourself. Thus, focus on being wise while spending. Have a plan for the amount left after saving. Putting an upper cap on spending is necessary for a secure future. Divide your potential spending into essential and non-essential; allocate the budget accordingly. Don’t buy things out of fantasy or desire. Instead, analyze its utility.

Absence of Contingency Plan

Biggest mistake! As not having a backup plan can ruin your entire financial management efforts. Moreover, it can leave to difficulty in the time of need or an emergency. Thus, while planning, do allocate funds for unpredictable situations or emergencies.

Dependence on Single-Source of Income

Even if you earn a huge sum, don’t depend exclusively on it. Because you never know when you might lose a particular source of income. Being optimistic is fine, but it is equally important to be logical. So, think of ways to make more money. Give thought to passive income sources. Use the money to generate more of it rather than spending it unnecessarily.

Choosing the Unsuitable Investment Product

The availability of many investment products makes it crucial to take professional guidance in this matter. Don’t make an investment decision randomly. Probably, you don’t know what could be best for you. For example – Mutual funds could be a great option for your friend but not for you. The reason is that many factors can affect your choice, including your income, backup plans, number of dependents, and age. Further, you must be careful while selecting insurance plans as well. Putting more or less than the required money in insurance schemes might hit your pocket hard.


Well, this is not the end! It is just an expressive list. Yes, money management is an extensive and open-ended topic. You can go wrong in many ways while managing finances. Moreover, successful money management requires a personalized approach. Thus, taking help from a certified financial advisor is always a great idea, followed by self-governing.

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