How to Create an App for Free and Earn Money in 2022

In this article, we will understand what an application is?, how to create an application, what are the benefits of using an application, and finally how to use that application to earn money. First of all, we need to understand what is an app or a mobile application. In simple terms, an app or mobile application is basically a computer program or a software-based application which is designed to be used on any mobile phone or tablet, or watch. The word app is basically the short form of application and the word app has been very popular since the year 2010. In the year 2010, the American dialect society selected the word app as the word of the year.

Talking about the origin of apps for the mobile applications, they were basically made to increase the productivity and assistance in areas such as calendars, contact details, and emails but the demand for applications increased so much and to such an extent that it had to be included into other areas such as GPS, location-based services, different mobile games, order tracking, ticket purchasing, factory automation, and many more. Right now, if you look at the scenario, you will find that there are more than a million apps that are available nowadays. These apps are generally internet-based apps that run on the Internet and are mainly downloaded through the app store. App stores are basically digital distribution platforms from which different apps can be obtained and downloaded. 


Different Types of Apps

Talking about different types of apps, basically, apps can be classified into three different types which are web apps, hybrid apps, and native apps. 

  • Web apps are basically written using HTML and CSS codes and are run using a typical browser. 
  • Hybrid apps are basically built using different kinds of web technology namely CSS, and HTML5, JavaScript, and perform different kinds of functions like disguising a web app in their native container. 
  • Not talking about native applications, they are basically designed for use on any mobile operating system which can be iOS or Android. 

Talking about mobile phones, whenever a person buys any kind of mobile phone, it already contains different kinds of pre-installed software in the form of mobile applications which can be my browser, email, calendars, mapping program, and different types of music and other media. Each and every mobile application uses some mobile storage space according to its memory consumption. Sometimes these pre-installed apps are not of much use and can be easily removed by using a simple uninstalling process but they leave some of the memory in the mobile phone which can be cleared later on.

So we have seen in the above paragraph that basically an app is a kind of software that brings together all features which can be used by users in a single place.

Now we will understand the importance of all these applications, which are the backbone of a number of multi-million dollar industries. The iPhone came in 2007 and the app store was launched in the year 2008. Since then the apps have become the foundation of the mobile economy. So all these apps have become a basic part of every mobile user and have become an important part of the smartphone revolution.

These have contributed to multi-dollar business per year in terms of social media, and in terms of gaming, and in terms of every other segment of mobile. These apps have made companies think twice before launching any new product and advertisement. These apps have created a positive turnaround for all the advertisers, companies, and brands that have gained a lot of popularity since the widespread usage of apps. Due to the increase in usage of apps The app industry is having a lot of booms nowadays. This has given a lot of opportunities to all the app creators related to games, videos, music, entertainment, health-related, travel, and many more.

Earn Money in 2022

Points to Consider before App Creation

There are many points that we need to keep in mind before making any app. Some of them are-


  1. Planning – The first thing that we need to take care of in making any app is that we need to plan. Planning needs to be done in terms of what is our idea, and what we want to do and make a framework of how we will proceed and succeed in this particular category. We need to decide the category in which we want to make the app so that we do not face any kind of problem once we move ahead.


  1. Research – We need to do extensive research and terms of the category, audience, needs, requirements, choices, and everything related to the app. We need to analyze the market, understand the current major players and then decide upon how to proceed ahead. We need to analyze how our product and our app will fit in the particular existing industry. After doing a deep analysis, we will have all the knowledge about the industry, and the audience, and it will also help us avoid mistakes and help us move ahead accordingly.


  1. Understanding our audience – The basic aim behind doing any business or making an app is to earn profit and solve the customer’s needs and demands. In solving their needs and demands, we need to understand the needs and demands of our customers first. We need to understand their behavior, what they want, and what they don’t want. Until and unless we have a clear customer base we will not understand how to move ahead and intern we will waste our time money and resources on making apps that the customers may not even use.


  1. Money – App building is a costly affair. We first need to analyze and calculate how much money will be required in building a particular app. We need to do all the cost-benefit analyses after understanding our business model. Then we need to find ways how to arrange the amount of money that is required for app building. We need to have a full proof plan in order to arrange the total amount of money that would be needed from app creation till app launch.


  1. Android versus Apple – there are two major platforms for all the major app distribution which are Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These two distribution platforms have their own features, qualities, and characteristics. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. We need to analyze each and every point of both the distribution platform and then understand where to launch our app so that we will get more and more audience which will intern full film the purpose of our business and we will earn profits.


  1. Bridging all the gaps – after we have gone through all the stages we will find what are our positive points and what are our negative points. We need to understand our weak points and then start working to bridge all the gaps so that when the final app is launched there is a chance of minimum mistakes and everything goes on as per our plan to reduce wastage of time money and resources and also to serve the purpose for what we are there in this business.


  1. Analysing the competitors – every business and every field has lots of major players. After analyzing our own segment we need to find all the major players in that particular category and then we need to analyze their working strengths and weaknesses and then we need to work on our plan keeping in mind all the positives and negatives of our competitors. This will help us to reduce mistakes, and reduce wastage of time, money, and resources and as a result, we will have fewer chances of making errors and more chances of succeeding and earning profits.


  1. Final building – after we have done through all these steps we are ready to build our app. We are ready with our plan and all the strategies so we need to implement all these points in our app and make the best app in our particular segment so that each and every customer can use it easily and can fulfill their knees and requirements and we will also earn profit.


  1. Marketing plan – we have seen that there is lots and lots of competition in each and every segment in any industry. So talking about the app industry there are lots and lots of major players already existing in each and every segment of the app industry. So if you want our app to get familiar with all the customers we need to devise a strong and effective marketing plan. We need such marketing strategies so that our app and advertisement reach each and every potential customer then only we can serve the purpose of our app making.

How to Create an App for Free

Steps to Follow After App Creation

After getting the app we need to submit it to the Play Store or the Apple app store. We know that the Play Store is for Android mobile phones and for Android apps. If someone wants to make a free Android app and publish it on the app store that is the place Store here are the few steps that they need to follow.


  • First of all the need to create a developer account on the Play Store where the user has to submit a nominal fee of 25 dollars and then he has to accept all the terms and conditions of Google and can fill in all the required details to create an account.
  • The next step is to sign up for Google Merchant. This can be done through the developer’s account that we have already created. The user has to go to the Google merchant and there he needs to sign up with his account and then connect the Google merchant with his developer’s account and he has to fill in all the required details there.
  • The next step is to go to Google Play and there along with the Android package the user needs to upload his app.
  • Next is the store list where the user has to fill in several details of his app which may include the title up to 50 characters then he has to give a short description about his app which can be up to 80 characters and after that, he has to give a detailed description which can be up to 4000 characters. The user also needs to upload some screenshots of his app and also an introductory video so that the user can see it and understand the basic functionality of the app and the basic usage of the app.


Now you know how to get your app available on Play Store or App Store, now the next step is to make people aware of your app. A higher level of awareness of the app will lead to higher downloads. It is very important for every business to promote their product or service to reach their target market. To promote your app you can use the following ways.


  1. Circulating ads– you need to create and circulate your advertisement on different platforms with a combination of offline and online platforms. You can use any advertisement that can be paid or free.
  2. Affiliate marketing– you can also contract with different social media personalities to become the affiliate marketer and make them promote your app. And based on their performance give them small incentives.
  3. Cold email- You can send your customers cold email if you have a good amount of audience already existing in the market and social media platforms. As we know, in today’s world everyone uses email and through email, they check different offers and deals. So, we can say through cold email you can cater to a lot of audiences in no time. 
  4. Influencer marketing– You can also ask great influencers with a huge amount of audience following them to market your product in front of them so that the audience comes under the influence and download and use the app.

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Creating app through coding

In order to make your app, you need to put a lot of effort and need to keep in mind the points mentioned above. Apart from those points, you can create your app in two ways. These ways are With coding or without coding.

With coding– There are more than 600 coding languages available, using which you can make your app look different and can provide a unique experience to your customers. You have different options like JavaScript, Python, etc.  If you want to learn to code, you can do different courses or can learn from different websites and apps.

Without coding– There are many options like different websites that provide free service of providing coding or charge minimal fees for coding for your app. It is the easiest way for those, who don’t have knowledge about coding. There are a few apps as well such as bubble, appy.pie, Andromo, etc.



In the end, we can say that today through this article you have gained a lot of knowledge about creating your own app and making profits from it. We hope you will get a great experience in making your own app.

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