Best way to earn from Instagram [2022 Updated]

In today’s world, everyone is using social media platforms for their entertainment, work, professional, and learning purposes. You need to know the best way to earn from different social media platforms. In this article, we will discuss how you can earn money from Instagram. In today’s world when everyone is active on Instagram you can use this platform for your business growth as well. You can also use this platform to earn money in different ways that we will discuss in this article.

Instagram is a social media platform where people share their photos, videos, and reels. There are approximately 500 million users who use Instagram on a daily basis globally. Before the pandemic approximately 63% of Instagram users spent more than 30 minutes on the daily basis, now they spend more than 52 minutes daily on Instagram. This shows how you can get a target audience and grow your business as well as find more opportunities on Instagram where you can find a massive audience. 

How To Gain Followers on Instagram

We will discuss the best possible ways through which you can on Instagram. The important fact and the reason why this article is presented to you is despite having millions of followers you may not know how to earn a lot of money this article will definitely help you in making money through Instagram. 

Now you should know that Instagram earning is basically from the engagement rate so you need to manage your account well by bringing your high engagement rate with the customers, and higher the rate will bring you a higher amount of money.

You may think of how some people are having a lot of followers, that is because of their high engagement rate. So this article will tell you how to improve your engagement date to make sure that you are reaching more audiences and brands are approaching you to become their influencer or affiliate marketer or simply advertise their product.


So firstly we will begin by growing your Instagram account

It is not very difficult when it comes to growing an Instagram account if you have a logical approach while managing your account. The following are the ways through which you can grow your Instagram account quickly as well as on money and achieve more fame. 


Targeting Niche Topic

You need to decide on a niche topic or specific topic or theme that your account will be providing to your audience. You need to stick to a particular niche in order to make sure that you are capturing a higher market of that niche. You can select the most popular niche on Instagram such as beauty, art, travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, etc.


Consistency Is Mandatory 

You need to keep posting consistently if you are consistent in posting then only you will get better exposure. People who post at least one post or story per day get better exposure and if you don’t post consistently your post may not reach the audience over time.

Even if you want to collaborate with a branch you need to be an active influencer as they want the influencer who is having active engagement with the audience and are posting relevant content every day to reach their audience.



You need to be very interactive with your audience and reply to their DMS or comments. As in today’s market, the audience does not follow any page or account whose admin is unresponsive and ignorant and does not respond to their messages or comments. 

In case you get any kind of rude or hate message or comment from the audience you can ignore that one but you should always respond to others who are curious to know about you and your account.



You need to post relevant content that can attract an audience and the content that the audience can relate to. You need to make sure that your content is related to the niche you have selected and people should get insights and get influenced through your content. 

The relevant content is such kind of strategy that you need to follow all the time as it builds a strong personal brand if you provide a relevant data or content to your audience through your post or stories or reels 


Using Perfect Hashtags 

You need to use the right hashtags in your post as it is a subtle art. There are many people who are unaware of finding the right hashtag for their post, but choosing the right hashtag will bring you more audience than simply copy-pasting from someone else post to yours.

You need to make sure your hairstyles are chosen wisely and are relevant to your post. 

In order to make your hashtags relevant to your post, you need to research properly and choose hashtags that are highly or moderately popular and are relevant to a post.

Now we will discuss different ways through which you can earn money.

As you already know that you need to create an excellent page or account which has a higher engagement rate. Now we will discuss how you will use your account to make money. The following are the best ways through which you can make money on Instagram.


  • Posting sponsored content

You must have seen many celebrities promoting different brand products on Instagram. This is because brands are now becoming very active on Instagram. After all, there are a lot of audiences available. We can see there are many micro-influencers who have between 1,000 to 1,00,000. Brands generally give them work because they have a high engagement rate. If you want to work with a brand you need to have more than 1000 followers and should post your content consistently in your niche. 

You can also approach different brands through email writing to work with them. Sometimes some brands will send you their products instead of providing your money for promoting their brands. 

Sometimes you may feel stuck while finding the relevant branch you want to work with. In such cases, it is best to sign up for influencer marketing platforms that will help you by connecting through small brands relevant to your niche.

There are can be a few influencer marketing platforms like creatorIQ, Upfluence, etc 


  • Affiliate Marketing

Currently, affiliate marketing is booming in the industry. And Instagram is a perfect platform where you can become an affiliate marketer. 

As an affiliate marketing brand will give you a unique affiliate link through which you will be promoting their product. You will get a commission when you are promoting their products and people are clicking on the link and making purchases. 

You can earn a lot from affiliate marketing as it is the easiest way to make money by simply convincing your audience to click and make a purchase from the link mentioned by you. 


  • Selling Shoutouts

Instagram shoutouts are a sort of advertising that allows you to target a certain niche and acquire a lot of awareness for a little cost. Shoutouts are advantageous since they promote your company to an already devoted audience. If you route your marketing through a trustworthy account, you may reach a bigger customer base without “cold calling” on random feeds.

Whether you want to increase followers or money, you must tailor your strategy to your goals. After all, Instagram Shoutouts are a sort of influencer marketing. With that said, let’s go through a few different ways to express gratitude.


  • Opening online store

This is basically for those who are doing business in fashion, lifestyle, or some decoration, furniture, artwork, etc. 

You can open your online store by showing your collection over there and making your audience aware of your product and asking them to purchase from you. 

You can basically launch your online store once you get popular among the audience and you can make money by selling the customized products. For this, you need to be more creative and popular on Instagram


  • Create online resources

Basically, you need to get expertise in your niche, which means you should get deep knowledge and you can sell your skills on Instagram.

All you need to do is provide your audience with different courses. You can give them online classes to enhance their knowledge and skills. And through this, you can earn money.

You need to spend some money in the beginning on advertising. This will help you to get customers.


  • Sell your products

You can sell your unique product on Instagram as many people do. If you are unique enough and have a creative mind you can gain the attention of many customers and promoting your products will bring higher earnings. 

There are many people who are selling products like creative artwork, dresses, posters, handicrafts, etc to their customers. 

You can also send your product and create your own website or marketplace to sell your product. You can use Instagram to promote your products and on a stable income.


  • Sell your photo

Currently, people are following a lot of photographers on Instagram. If your niche is photography, then you can also sell your photos. You can take different photos that can be of places, objects, wildlife photography, model photos, etc. 


  • Get freelancing gigs

If you are a freelancer you can upload your portfolio on Instagram. Your profile will play a major role as a portfolio that your clients will look into. You may discover clients by using appropriate hashtags. You may earn a lot of money this way and quit your day job to become a full-time freelancer.


  • Try online consulting

You can provide the online consultant service where you will be responding to all inquiries and advising individuals in need. Firstly you need to have in-depth knowledge of your niche. Then you need to market yourself and your service to the potential target market. 

To give an example we can say people are now learning digital marketing so you can earn by consulting others on this niche. Nowadays many people are making money through Internet consulting daily.


  • Become a brand ambassador

In the beginning, if you have more than 1000 followers you can become brand ambassadors of smaller brands at the beginning that have the same niche as yours. By using proper hashtags you can send your proposals to smaller brands. If you have a high engagement rate the branch will automatically contact you to work with them.


  • Brand partnerships

You may collaborate with companies as content developers to promote their products and services. Instagram has imposed several rules on sponsored material that you must adhere to. Like drugs and weapons are not permitted to be promoted by creators.

The average money you make from sponsored content is often calculated using your current follower count and engagement rate. Both Instagram’s guidelines and the new ASCI regulations require you to declare sponsored collaborations.


  • Fan Membership & Exclusive Content

You can use a famous platform that is Patreon. Patreon is a membership platform that allows artists and producers to earn a monthly income by providing incentives or privileges to their patrons. The most straightforward way to promote your Patreon link is to add it to your Instagram profile. Furthermore, the Patreon link may be featured in your platform-published articles and tales.

Another great technique to promote your Patreon account is to hold a giveaway contest. In the contest rules, you may specify that the follower must have a Patreon membership to be eligible for the contest.

Long-form videos from your channel, such as tutorials, step-by-step guides, and behind-the-scenes material, maybe published through your Patreon account.


  • IGTV Ads

Currently, IGTV connects you to your audience. Once you start monetizing your content on Instagram you can provide different brands and options to promote themselves within your video post. 


  • Enable live badge

You can also use Instagram live badges as a method of making money. Basically, once you go on live video viewers can purchase the badges to show their support.


  • Add your blog or vlog link

You can also advertise your blog or blog by adding a link to your profile. This will help you bring traffic to your website. 


  • Writing captions for others

Many Instagram writers earn a livelihood by providing this service. Make a visually appealing Instagram profile and offer to write captions for others. Clients that are interested in your services are welcome to contact you.

Make sure the services you offer are different and respected. Continue to write captions that are relevant, short, and to the point. Individuals choose the style of the caption. Remember that making money on the internet is an art, and half of it is determined by your talent and the other half by how well you market yourself.



Through this article, we have justified to you that Instagram is not a very difficult platform to make money. A park from these ways there is much more waste through which you can earn from Instagram. These mentioned methods are the best among other ways. 

To earn money from Instagram you need to become a content creator and must have a large number of followers and engagement rate in order to monetize your content within the Instagram guidelines.

You may need a different approach for anything that you do and you will achieve your goal. Instagram is a platform where millions of users connect an audience with different content writers on a daily basis. With the number of uses, the opportunity of earning is also more on Instagram you can find different ways and strategies to earn money directly from Instagram.

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