Coins With a Potential of 100x Multiplier in 2022

In this article, we will be talking about all those potential coins which have growth potential of
100 times than what they are today. We all know that there are different types of coins available
in the market out of which some have high potential and some have a low potential for growth.

Every coin has its own history, future, and present, but, we need to find those particular coins
which have a strong base and can help us gain huge amounts of profit in the coming times.
We know that these cryptocurrencies cannot be predicted, but then also, there are a few tricks
and techniques that can be used and can be found about the coins that have a promising future
and should be invested in.

This is an area where luck does not play any role but the only thing that matters is research and
the effort that we put in, in order to find the best coins out of the group. We need to analyze the
market and understand the way it is behaving. The utility of different coins, road maps, and the
basic working of the team behind all these projects and many more.

Some of the best coins which have huge growth potential in the coming times are-

Battle infinity (IBAT)– This is one of the best cryptocurrencies that has a bright future
ahead and is one of the most promising currency coins which can give great returns in
the coming times according to experts and professional traders of this market. This
particular coin showed its behavior during the first few weeks of its launch and gave up
to 10000% return on investment in the first few weeks showing the potential and
capacity that it has. This particular coin manages and combines all the DEFI technology
and NFTs meteors and everything on a single platform. This coin was introduced in the
market to revolutionize the traditional gaming industry which is more than a billion-dollar
industry nowadays.

We know that technology is changing very fast and is advancing at an unexpected rate which
makes it a potential coin to be invested in as the number of gamers is increasing day by day all
over the world and especially in India with the launch of new games. There are many features
that are included such as a battle market, battle store, battles task, battle swap, a battle arena,
and many more.


TAMADOGE (TAMA)– Tamadoge is another coin full of potential which basically means
coin with utility and is deflationary crypto that basically functions as a primary token. In
Tama words, a system where players can breed and battle with Tamadoge pets. Here,
basically, the players need to acquire different doge points during the whole month and
finally get rewarded from the doge pole to the player who collects the highest points.
There is a huge group of professionals who has lots and lots of experience to make sure
that it incorporates NFT and token standards. This particular coin functions as NFT and
can be easily traded, sold, and bought, but the only thing that users need to take care of
is that they need tamadoge tokens if they want to purchase them.

Lucky block– This is a primary NFT competition platform where lucky block NFT owners
who hold the token can win great prizes and will be rewarded after participating in
competitions. NFT holders also receive daily awards which are equivalent to 1% of the total profit pool.

This is a great coin to invest in where investors can make huge profits
and it showed a great result within a few weeks after it was launched and given a
12000% return in a few day’s time which makes it a great coin to invest in if someone
wants to make a huge profit.

DeFi Coin– This coin is also on the list of becoming one of the most profitable coins and
will give a huge return on investment in the coming times for people who want to gain a
huge amount of profit. This is basically the native governance token that was issued for
the decentralized exchange called the DeFi Swap (DEX).

This particular platform provides its token holders with great interest rates and offers to swap.
This particular coin was launched in May 2022 and gave a 300% return just a few days after its
launch. Apart from great return on investments, this coin also provides a static reward system,
manual burning program, and advanced liquidity pools which makes it one of the best coins in
the market right now to invest in. This coin was launched with two important features for its
investors, which are to provide a passive income and also to minimize the day’s trading which
requires a high amount of fees.

Decentraland– This is one of the oldest metaverse cryptocurrencies that are present in
the market and this was founded in 2018, but this is one of the most trusted and worthy
coins which can give 100 times profit in recent times and can be invested in if someone
wants to make a good profit. This is basically a native currency of the decentral system
and which is the kind of token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for
different transactions within any game or something.

There are different aspects in a game that can be bought using this particular coin such as real-state virtual land in the game. The creators provide the players with a cutting-edge virtual gaming experience that can be used to create different characters talk to other players and explore different features. The potential of this coin can be understood by the facts and figures that when it was launched, its price was 0.025 Dollars and went to 5.9 Dollars in November 2021.

Wrap Up

So, we have discussed here the top few coins which have a lot of potential to grow and give 100
times profit in 2022. After reading this article, the leaders will have a fair knowledge about which
coins to invest in if they want to grow their profit and want to become rich in 2022. These coins
have a lot of potential but we need to understand that all these activities include financial risks,
so, investors need to analyze each and every aspect very carefully before putting in their money
to avoid any kind of loss.

We want our readers to invest at the best place and get a good profit.

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